Oracle Corporation is an American based multinational computer technology corporation. The company is developing and marketing database software and technology, cloud engineered systems and enterprise software products—particularly its own brands of database management systems.

Oracle's E-Business Suite, one of Oracle's prestegious software program consists of a collection of enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and supply-chain management.

On popularity, DB-Engines ranks Oracle as the top most among its group.

Oracle Relational DBMS 1416.72
MySQL Relational DBMS 1366.29
Microsoft SQL Server Relational DBMS 1220.95

Why Oracle e-business is been preferred?

Oracle is an over hyped enterprise product.
You can always have customized solution prepared or use any of SaaS based tools.
The best thing about Oracle is the support they provide but they charge a lot for that support.
And products are less buggy.

The biggest advantage of Oracle ERP is that it is based on Oracle Database, which in itself is a market leader.

As far as the components of the suite itself are concerned Oracle Financials is a market leader, Oracle HRMS and Payroll they are catching up pretty fast.

In this, forms is meant for power user which technical people can code and customize as they wish!!! Its HTML based solution caters to the global organization through internet media.

The buzz word of Oracle Database is "Unbreakable" and is considered as pioneer in Database Security systems.

Implementing different parts of the suite would be much less costly than best of breed software and getting them to talk to each other. Here this score than other ERP like SAP.

Many of the internationals, corporates, medium and small scale companies prefer to use oracle database and ERP for managin the business and hence demand of oracle professional is very high....

The very professional social media website itself offers around 3500 oracle ebusiness jobs as of now (Jan 2017)

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